The windows are one of the barriers, next to the walls, doors and roof, which protect our houses from moisture and heat loss, while providing ventilation.

EVERY WINDOW – ALUMINUM, PVC OR WOOD – during installation we must act with warning. WINDOW INSTALLATION requires professional service throughout the entire installation.

Our professional team will provide you with very high service and advise in the installation process. Our team runs private and commercial installations of windows, sliding door, French door, bi folding door in a two-chamber and three-shaft system.

As a respected company, we are proud of excellent customer service because the best advertisement is a very well made service.

We like to buy the best offer and the lowest possible price. Unfortunately, all windows are not produced with the same additional benefits.

You want to consider safety, design, materials, glass technology in safestyle, our warm aluminum windows in the Schuko system, Veka system, Aliplast triple glazing or PVC Wital prestige therm 86, Veka aphaline, Gelan S 9000, Shash, Casement Stormproof, prestige thermo DJ 90 they are recommended for the maximum amount of heat in your home.

Many of our customers think it is too cold to install new windows in the winter, and it just is not. Many people think this way, because the outside temperature can be so poignantly cold when installing new windows in the winter will bring all the cold home.

Your home does not need to lose heat when replacing the window, because a qualified installer will follow a few precautions to ensure that the facility is always protected from the cold. In fact, winter is often a great time to install a new windows, because you can really feel the differents and benefits of replacing old windows.

Installation of windows in newly built buildings is best at the stage of raw open state, i.e. after erecting walls and laying the roofing, but before laying the internal and external plasters. Installation of windows makes the raw state in to the closed state closed. The interiors then begin to require ventilation, and if necessary – also heating, so that the room temperature stays above 5 ° C, especially when wooden windows are installed in the house to prevent distortion of wooden window.

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